Livingston: Garifuna History

The town of Livingston, situated on Amatique Bay where Ro Dulce meets the Caribbean, is Guatamala's only Garifuna community. The story oof the Garifuna begins on St. VBincent island, with the wreck of two Spanish ships carrying Nigerian slaves in 1635. On St. Vincent the slaves interrmarried with Kalipuna natives producing unique people known as Black Caribs. These people were deported to Roatan Island in 1797, then moved to Trujilo in Honduras, and from there emigrated to Guatemala and Belize, bringing their own language, music and culture with them. Livingston, which is only accessible by boat from Puerto Barrios or Rio Dulce, features some outstanding hotels, as well as great restaurants. Activities include swimming at the local beaches and hiking to nearby scenic areas, such as Siete Altares, a series of pools and waterfalls formed by a small river that empties into the sea.

A Green Deal certification for a hotel, restaurant, or travel agency tells customers that the business has taken steps not only to improve service to clients, but also to protect the environment, conserve energy, and comply with health and sanitation standards. Green Deal Certification at Buga Mama Restaurant Livingston GuatamalaThe Green Deal standards are monitored by the Rainforest Alliance, a well-financed, worldwide organization based in New York. The certification, conferred on the basis of on-site inspections, is managed in Guatemala by the Asociación Alianza Verde. The names of companies holding the Green Deal certification are posted on the Internet.

Green Deal Is Important for Guatemala Tourism

Buga Mama - Sustainable Tourism School Livingston, Guatemala

Girls education at Ak' Tenemit is important - Girls at school, equality in educationAk’ Tenamit is an indigenous community development organization that promotes long-term solutions to poverty through education, health, income generation and cultural programs run by and for the Q’eqchi Maya supported by the Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund, a US based non-profit (501 C-3) that raises funds for Ak’ Tenamit.

Promoting Cultural Pride
Maya Culture mural maintianed at Ak' Tenamit Sustainable tourism school GutamalaAt Ak' Tenamit, we don’t believe that improving conditions in indigenous communities and educating young people should draw them away from their culture. In fact, Ak’ Tenamit’s work in the Río Dulce region has resulted in a local cultural renaissance, with more young people learning traditional music, dance and religious ceremonies. Ak’ Tenamit bases all of its work in traditional Q’eqchi Maya culture, combining the use of medicinal plants with western medicine, participating in community ceremonies on important dates of the Maya calendar, and appealing to the balance between the sexes and between human beings and nature that are part of the Maya cosmovision.

Ak' Tenamit Sustainable Tourism School Livingston GuatamalaQ’eqchi Maya culture plays an important role in the curriculum at the Fr. Tom Moran Education Center, which offers a bilingual – Spanish and Q’eqchi – education that is complemented by English classes, and employs a Maya priest full-time to provide students with training in their culture and religion, and lead traditional ceremonies. Students learn to play traditional marimba music and dance pre-Columbian folk dances, which they perform in full costume at campus celebrations and events around the country. The result is a new generation of indigenous youth who are well educated, computer literate, and trained in practical skills, but who are equally knowledgeable about and proud of their culture, which they are committed to preserving.

buga mama restaurante ak tenamit students training as cooksAll proceeds from food and gifts purchased at Buga Mama are used to support the 500 students at Ak’ Tenamit to work toward a better life through education.

While boating past on the Rio Dulce in Livingston, Guatemala, don't forget to stop by and shop at our gift shop as well as enjoy our refreshing Lemonade. You won't be sorry that you stopped to help support these students.

Enjoy a fabulous meal and purchase Authentic Mayan Handicrafts & Support Ak’ Tenamit's Sustainable Tourism School!

Hours: 12pm - 10 pm daily

On Rio Dulce - Livingston, Guatemala

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